One Acupoint session and my lower back and leg pain were gone. Laura's magic needles.
I felt the benefits from the very first session. Feeling younger and full of energy.
I lost eight kilos in seven weeks, thanks for giving me a new life.
My back was terrible. She cured me without surgery.
Training with Laura is unique; the intensity make me feel like I am a pro athlete.
I feel more youthful and full of stamina, and my endurance is better than in my twenties.
She had an exceptional understanding of what my body needed.
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The fastest way to a fitter, younger you

Precision Workouts are the optimum in personal training. We do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals. If you are looking to improve your strength, fitness, performance, aesthetic and wellbeing, Precision Workouts are the answer.


Whatever you want to achieve, Laura will work with you to map out a tailored plan to meet your goal. Typically, clients are usually looking for training that falls into one of the three tiers. If you need to figure out what level you’re looking for, Laura can help you decide or tailor a plan specifically for you.


Executive Tier optimises your health in the most time-efficient way possible.

Perhaps you care about your fitness, but you need someone to take away the burden of deciding on what the best training would look like. Laura will help you to identify areas that need strengthening, as well as nutrition and lifestyle factors that will lead you to a healtier and more fulfilling future.


Pro-athlete Tier is precise, intelligent, goal-oriented professional training.

Training with intense routines that works on where you already excel. This is for focused individuals with a clear goal. You might have an upcoming photoshoot or perhaps you want to set a new personal best. If you have a target, Laura will work help you make it happen fast.


Spotlight Tier focusses on ultimate perfomance training 24/7.

Laura will travel with you, design routines, and analyse your habits, sleeping patters + nutrition-an approach best suited for those with hectic schedules who need support that fits. You become Laura’s priority, and she becomes your physical trainer, health adviser, dietary expert and mentor.



Many clients come to Laura for advice on training during pregnancy and how to return to regular exercise after giving birth. As your body changes during the different trimesters, this will bring about new requirements that can be incorporated into a safe fitness regime that leaves you feeling at your best and fully quipped for the challenges of parenthood and beyond.


Laura’s unique Hypolates methos is especially designed for women. It sculpts the body by focusing on abdominal exercises and key muscle groups integral to posture and breathing. Hypolates hels with the various changes women’s bodies undergo through life, and the symptoms that can result including pelvic floor issues and hormonal dysregulation.


Unlock your body’s Intelligent Healing

We all know about the self-healing and repair power of the human body. However, sometimes the pattern is off or wrong, leading to unresolved injuries and pains.

Acupoint technique is a game changer in correcting these patterns, igniting the body’s ability to generate new tissue through the production of mother cells.

This the ultimate precision tool to fix and prevent many physical and age-related issues like:

  • Shoulders hips knees ankles (frozen shoulder, sprains)
  • Hands fingers wrist elbows feet toes (arthritis, arthrosis, breaks)
  • Discs & Back issues (pain, seize ups, kyphosis, scoliosis)
  • Irradiating nerve pain (carpal tunnel, lack of mobility)
  • Tinnitus, Vertigo
  • Genital issues (prostate, vaginitis, myeloma, cysts, dryness)
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Women’s health (pms, fertility, menopause)
  • Weight loss (accelerates the loss, and helps maintaining it)
  • Endocrine System (thyroid issues)
  • Energy boost (anaemia, low immune system)
  • Rejuvenation treatment, etc.

Acupoint  has been proved to be very helpful with mind related issues like addition, anxiety, stress, etc.

Look no further, get in touch if you are open to try something that will for sure help your condition.


Precision Workouts have been developed following intense practise in many othe fitnes fields.

They combine the intensity of Functional Training and Weight Lifting with the precision of dance, the flow of Pilates, the breathwork Chi-Kong, the movement of Gyrotonic and the freedom of Calisthetics. The result is a wealth of expertise, ideas and strategies to meet ever fitness goal.

A sensitivity to how di fferent people learn, combined with a tough approach that challenges clients when necessary, has led to a proven track record of enhancing performance and delivering the desired results.

Whatever your Challenge, physical or psychological, we will overcome them


better work

+ Decision Making
+ Goal setting
+ Time management
+ Productivity at work
+ Cognitive function
+ Creativity
+ Network + community
+ Resilence
+ Confidence
+ Discipline + work ethic
+ Stress relief
better heath
+ longevity

+ Inmune system
+ Mental toughness
+ Habit formation
+ Younger internal age
+ Boosted metabolism
+ Cardiovascular health
+ Muscle mass
+ Bone density
+ Flexibility
+ Mobility
+ Independence

Precision, focus and results

As everyone has a different vision of perfection, no two bodies are the same, we start with a thorough assessment of your overall health. This will assess your lifestyle, nutrition, mental and physical condition, muscle imbalances, strength, posture, goals, preferences, fears and more.

This is the first step in producing a precise, data-driven plan that allows you to anticipate and measure your progress.

A sensitivity to how different people learn, combined with a tough approach that challenges clients when necessary, has led to a proven track record of enhancing performance and delivering the desired results. Encouragement, motivation and kindness are key, but so too are full focus and maximum effort.

about laura

Laura Marin began her career at the prestigious Victor Ullate Dance Company, where she worked alongside fellow  elite athlets. She shared a stage with world-famous names in ballet: Tamara Rojo, Angel Corella and Carlos Lopez, and artists such as Carmen Linares and Antonio Marquez. The wisdom she gained from the competitive world of professional dance informs her perspective on peak physical perfomance.

Laura has since spent years mastering and innovating several different disciplines. One of the UK’s first certified CrossFit trainers, and an early adopter of kettlebell workouts – the lessons she has taken from Pilates, Gyrotonic, power-lifting and dance mean she has a wealth of expertise at her fingertips. Now one of London’s most in-demand trainers for celebrities and other HNWI, she has fforged a career out of her passion for health + fitness.



Inmediate benefits include:

  • greater awareness of the body, breathing and posture
  • improved sleep quality
  • starting to lose weight

Mid-term benefits include:

  • improved strength and posture
  • greater control over the body
  • easing of symptons first presented.
  • greater weight loss
Ongoing Practice

Long term benefits include:

  • physical and aesthetic optimisation
  • relief from any symptons of issues
  • renewed and enhanced level of capability.


Yes. Whatever your age or current fitness level, Precision Workouts will work for you. The program is tailored to your starting point and goals, regardless of whether you’re fit or just starting out. You will be challenged + supported. All you need is ambition and commitment. You don’t need any prior experience, Laura will tailor a program taking into account where you’re starting from, and where you want to go.

All Precision Workouts are currently one to one, group sessions are only upon request and workshops are coming soon.

Whatever you prefer! Face to face sessions are great to build the relationship, but online sessions can be arranged anytime if it is more convenient for you.

Precision Workouts is best in personal training. When you work with us, we give you everything we have to get the results you are looking for. If you are after real changes you are in the right place.

You will start to feel the benefits after just one week. You will gain a sense of awareness of your body, your breathing and your posture will improve, and your sleep quality may do too. After 2-3 weeks you will see some easing of any physical issues you may be struggling with, and you will have a much greater control over your body. With ongoing practice, your body will be transformed completely, as will your strength and resilience. Laura recommends 3 times a week to make and see changes, however this depends on the time, commitment and ambition of the person.

Precision Workouts are usually held in your home
or place of work, outdoors and/or online. Laura will provide
any equipment needed.

With regular practice your progress will continue, and your capability, strength and overall health will too.

Precision Workouts is competitively priced to other elite training options. Think of it as the best investment you can make for your body and your future. You will function better, feel stronger and look younger. The returns are endless.

Laura is a thoughtful trainer. Intelligent work-outs, new drills and however challenging I loved doing them. I’ve never worked in so much depth on posture, mobility and strength, and I felt the benefits from the very first session. It’s great for other sports like skiing and hiking. I feel younger and full of energy.
Robert Lawrence
I always had trouble with weight. Laura taught me that strength and healthy eating were the answer, and she supervised and monitored me every step of the way. I lost eight kilos in seven weeks, but the best was that I could fit in my old designer wardrobe - vanity sometimes is a great incentive! Thanks for giving me a new life.
Entrepreneur, wife + mother of four
My back surgeon said to try Pilates. I was lucky to meet Laura. Her training as a ballerina informs her approach: precision is everything. Having never done Pilates, I saw Laura three times a week for the first year. If I didn't go, my back was terrible. She cured me - no surgery required! My life has transformed.
Nichola Odey
British fund manager

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“My dance training meant that my lower body was strong but my upper body was weak. I was always being lifted, not doing the lifting. So I was determined to become strong, in record time. I tried everything, and I saw how quickly results come when you combine the right disciplines and practise. Now I want to help other people build their strength, like I did.” Laura Marin – Founder.